Louise Robson's workshops begin!

Artist Louise Robson will soon be hosting workshops around rule based drawing.Louise Robson works with various forms of technology to create digital installations which subtly interact with people and their surroundings. She is inspired by the way in which people and environmental aspects can become part of an artwork, and experiments with creative ways of using technology in order to connect people, objects, and environments. In this workshop filled with colour and pattern, Louise will be leading some generative pattern drawing activities, which will introduce the fundamental programming concepts that form the basis of her work in a simple and fun way. These activities present an unconventional approach to drawing, one which isn’t necessarily focused upon creating a successful or attractive outcome, but which celebrates the process nonetheless. Alongside this, Louise will be demonstrating some of her artwork, which you will be able to learn about and interact with. Come and participate in some fun drawing activities and learn about programming at the same time!

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