Louise Robson

Louise Robson

Digital Installation

What inspires you as an artist?

The artworks I make most commonly take the form of digital installation, and can be described as environments which are interactive in some way. What inspires me is the way in which people and environmental aspects can become part of an artwork through interacting with sensors or objects. This closes the gap between the viewer and the artwork, and allows the viewer to actually see themselves playing a part. I am continuously experimenting with various forms of technology in order to find new ways in which to connect people, objects, and environments.

Tell us about your Imago project:

My project is going to be about making new work in a new location. Working in a public space such as Wigan Library, which has lots of people in and out of it every day is going to be incredibly rich in terms of me exploring how I can further integrate people and environmental aspects into my artwork. I’m also going to be developing a series of workshops around the artwork I produce during the residency, in which I will aim to introduce ways of using technology creatively to people in Wigan, and provide an insight into digital and interactive artwork. 

Who can take part?

I intend to engage with young people in the town who are looking towards the prospect of college and university, and hopefully inspire them to explore new paths and possibilities within art. Alongside this I will be conducting sessions in libraries which will be open to all. In these sessions I will be discussing my work and ideas behind it, as well as demonstrating how I use digital technologies creatively.

How do I get involved?

You can get involved by checking out when I’m going to be conducting sessions at Wigan Libraries. You can also keep an eye out for my installations popping up around the town, and come to the exhibition I aim to hold towards the end of my residency to experience the artwork I’ve produced during the six months (details to be confirmed).

How can I follow your journey?

Twitter: @_louiserobson

Website: www.louiserobson.co.uk