Kate Bufton

Kate Bufton

Book Art / Book Sculpture


What inspires you as an artist?

I work with old unwanted books and papers and it is the characteristics of these materials that inspire me, their musty smells, the colouration and markings within the pages along with their unique textures. All of these elements inspire me along with the unknown journeys of an old book, for instance, has the book actually been read and by whom? It is all of these elements that inspire me to create a new and innovative design with an old and unwanted object. 

Tell us about your Imago project:

I plan to focus on the traditional way that libraries are catalogued and I have chosen to develop my project around the Libraries Dewey Decimal System. Many libraries follow this system to catalogue and shelve their books and I would like to focus on the Arts and Recreation sub divide which is within the 700-790 areas of the system.  Within this sub-divide I would like to direct my practice to four key areas:

730- Sculpture

770 – Photography

760 – Printmaking

750- Painting

I would like to spend a total of 6 weeks looking at each category to develop a new series of work based around them. 

Who can take part?

There will be workshops during the residency that the general public will be able to take part in, there will be workshops at the main library where I am based- Leigh Library, along with a series of workshops in the satellite libraries around it. 

How do I get involved?

All of the workshops will be advertised prior to the day they will be delivered which will give people enough time to book a place on the workshop. 

How can I follow your journey?

My journey will be documented visually on a series of boards at Wigan library, I will also send work over to the old courts so that they will be able to publicise it through their networks. I will also be posting my developments on my own personal facebook page- Book Transformations and twitter account - @BuftonKate.