Jess Rotherham

Jess Rotherham

Visual Arts


What inspires you as an artist?


I am inspired by big ideas, and people’s many different interpretations of the world around us.

The main themes in my practice are time, and the fragility of one human life in relation to the larger system that it inhabits. I create large scale, immersive installations which are paired which thematic texts to engage the viewer in questions about death, life, fast living, and contemporary culture. I often work on projects that are ongoing, lasting my whole lifetime. Examples include, What The Most People Saw: a project where I collect the most read online news from 193 countries of the world, one day a year, every year of my life – and The Sculptural Archive of 5416 Mammal Hearts: a project that attempts to depict the heart of every mammal species that exists at this moment – from Bumblebee Bat to Blue Whale.


Tell us about your Imago project:


Artwork: I will be working on large, imaginative design drawings for future art projects. These will be big, detailed pencil drawings, overlaid with collage, that will detail my ideas and research in full.  Because my art projects are often large scale and ambitious, the research and design of these ideas is crucial before any physical making can begin! It is also an exciting phase, as I can play with ideas and concepts that are imaginary or impossible.


Residency workshops:


If you could create anything, how would you make your mark on your town? My aim for the workshops is to encourage big ideas and brave, creative thinking within the local community. I’ll be hosting workshops where we can use 2D and 3D collage to create impossible images and imaginary scenarios on top of our town. You’re welcome to bring your own, personal images for these collage sessions as well as making use of what the library and the internet has to offer. We will be working towards a larger installation which depicts this town’s many ideas thinking and blinking, and anyone can submit their own as the project grows.


Who can take part?


Part of my project will be held in the public domain – this means you may stumble across a drop in workshop in town. After this first phase I will be hosting workshops in the library, where anyone can join in. Email ____ to register your interest.


How do I get involved?


To get involved and stay updated with the project, sign up to the project mailing list here.


How can I follow your journey?


Instagram: jess.rotherham

Twitter: @JessRotherham


Project Blog: