Elizabeth Skull

Elizabeth Skull

Visual Artist, Portraiture

What inspires you as an artist?


I’m inspired by emotional connections, people and our environment. I’m very much interested in individual perceptions of beauty and social norms. Why is it that I can see so much beauty surrounding me and the person stood next to me might see none?

I draw inspiration from my local community, Higher Folds, where the people have a real connection with each other. The innovation and strength of character here is second to none. The resilience of my community and how people come together in the face of adversity is incredibly humbling.  I feel deeply connected not only to the people of Higher Folds but also to the woodlands surrounding it and take great strength and creativity from time spent within them.


Tell us about your Imago project:


I want to challenge perceptions of communities like mine, enabling people to see the beauty I see in my estate. I want to celebrate the spirit and strength of Higher Folds. I plan to do this through creating work of my own and supporting residents to create their own works that will be jointly exhibited in Leigh Library and Shevington Library. I will be creating a series of mixed media portraits of individuals from my community that I find inspiring. We have lots of amazingly talented, selfless individuals that aren’t currently recognised from their skills as much as the mistakes they’ve made. I aim to give them and their Art the platform they deserve. I will be running workshops with local residents that will reaffirm their connection with our town’s milling heritage, our environment and each other.  

Who can take part?


I’m looking to work primarily with members of Higher Folds community for the workshops. The exhibition will be open to all.

How do I get involved?


Contact me via phone 07931226873, email art@elizabethskull.com or through my Facebook page @artbyelizabethskull.


How can I follow your journey? I will regularly update my progress on my facebook page @artbyelizabethskull and on my blog: elizabethskull.com/blog.html