Amy Burdon

Amy Burdon



What inspires you as an artist?

I am inspired by art that tells peoples stories in an authentic and identifiable way.  I am also inspired by working across disciplines, combining art forms to create new ways of working and interesting pieces of art.


Tell us about your Imago project:

‘Wigan Wakes Weeks’ is my inspiration.  I’ll be working with mass movement and dance performance project to explore dance across Wigan, Leigh and in the seaside resort of Blackpool, where many Wiganers visited en masse during the annual shut down of the former mills and mines. 

Working with 3 to 4 dance artists, we will use photography, film and sound to document the site and the movement devised in situ.   The footage, images and sounds will sit alongside stories and historical evidence from the Wigan Archives to form a digital archive for everyone to see online.  We’ll use this to inspire a number of community dance workshops with groups across the town.  The workshops will culminate in a spectacular mass movement performance bringing various members of the community together in Leigh Civic Square on Saturday 16th September and in Wigan town centre on Saturday 23rd September. 

This project will explore the heritage of ‘Wigan Wakes Week’ drawing on people’s memories, archived information and photographs to re-imagine and recreate the coming together of the town in celebration and relaxation. 

Who can take part?

Anybody and everybody! Mass movement projects only work if people respond on mass – we need a big variety of people to get on board and share their stories, dance moves and time to make the performance a success!

I am particularly looking to work with people who have memories of Wakes Weeks and would be happy to share them as inspiration for the piece. 

How do I get involved?

We are looking for both individuals and existing community groups to get involved with the project over the summer.  To get involved email and we will give you more information about workshop opportunities.



How can I follow your journey?

You can follow my journey online, through social media or by being involved in the final performances.